Monday, February 1, 2016

Sweatshirt Play Day

Several Fyber Cafe members got together for a play day at Pat W.'s house, we brought potluck goodies and our sewing machines.
Sara had worn a sweatshirt that we wanted to try to make for ourselves. Basically, you apply patches to a ready made sweatshirt, after you have cut open the seams. We cut squares and rectangles, and laid them out on a sleeve first, stitching down the patches. Lorraine was using primary colors, to go with a fabric with quilt sayings on them.
Pat G. used a selection of "Stonehenge" fabric, she had sets of jelly rolls and precut squares, in all different color ways.
Peggy used country colors, as well as some fussy cut images, of apple, chickens etc...
Pat W. was using black and white prints, with a little bit of lime green for accent. Some of her prints were from New Zealand, and some had zebras and elephants on them.
Amy used a variety of purple patches on a lavender sweatshirt. She also used a variegated purple thread for her stitching. The interlocking grid was too much stitching, and it shrunk too much and did not have any stretch to it.
Amy got hers finished over the weekend, but it was a lot of work, next time bigger patches and less stitching. She cut up the middle, rounded the top edge, and used a bias binding around her edges to finish the sweatshirt. Sara's sample shirt had the patches and edges folded over a half inch and zigzag top stitched. After washing the raw edges will fray and fuzz up, for a raggedy look. That's why you don't want to do so much stitching. Now we have to wait for the next meeting to see how everyone else's shirts turned out.