Monday, January 14, 2013

January Meeting 2013

Old Business The 12 Beatles challenge pieces are at the Sutherlin Library until our next meeting. February all the weaving challenge pieces are due, please bring them to the meeting. They will be hung in the Sutherlin Library by Peggy and Kay. They must have a sleeve, with a dowel and screw eyes, or an other appropriate hanging device, if you have questions about hanging, talk to Kay or Peggy. We discussed having a display at the Umpqua Valley Quilters' Guild show in April. We have 12 "Beatles," 8 "What's My Line" and approximately 10-12 "Weaving challenge" pieces of textile art for display, this will make a nice example of what our group does. We also discussed whether we want to have some one there during the show to represent our group and talk to visitors. We will have sign ups later, and will need a hanging committee. New members, please make a biography page for our membership binder, with info on yourself and your interest in textile arts, and a second page of photos of some of your work. See earlier blog posts on member profiles for ideas. For the February meeting, we will do the photo transfer techniques, materials list will be emailed before meeting. New Business We discussed the new challenge, "A River Runs Through it" with 18" wide pieces with a common river running through all the art work to be displayed side by side. There is an example of the idea in a book Amy will bring next meeting. In March Amy will present a hands on, "how to" on drafting patterns from your photographs. We have several "PlayDays" in the planning stage. Feb. 18th is Presidents Day, a fun get together, place TBA - Pat's? When the weather warms up we want to do a day at Vera's doing wet felting. and Meredith would like to do a playday at her house in Grants Pass. Several people want to do a play day with de-colorants/replacement dyes, any volunteers for leadership and location on this one. Announcements There is a Fiber Arts Show at the Maude Kern Gallery on the campus of U of O through February, any one want to organize a field trip? Show and Tell Nancy has been finding a lot of lost and found items in her continuing sewing room cleanup. Kay finished her "Weaving challenge" a combination of gold & red woven paper, fabric and copper strips, on a black background. Corienne has made a beautiful woven "tall" man's vest in tan and brown hand spun wools, as a commission, it is lined with a rich dark brown batik fabric.
Vera and Meredith have started a "Design" workshop at Vera's house, to study aspects of design, with several ladies from Grants Pass and Roseburg. They are using "Finding Your Own Visual Language" as their guide. They are meeting the second Friday of the month, for info call Vera. Their first assignment was to use "Lines," Vera did her homework with black paint on white paper, and Meredith used discharge gel on black fabric. Meredith also did a weaving using lines as her design element, in lime green and black.
We had a new member recently from Southern California, Crystal has been in a modern art quilt guild in Eugene, and was happy to find us here in Roseburg. She had a beautiful quilted wall hanging of a flower, "fractured" after the photo was printed on four 24" squares of fabric, then reassembled to make one larger design. It was very bold and striking. She also had a square appliqued wall hanging of a tree with multicolored leaves on background fabric printed with poems and drawings from a children's book. They look like rubber stamped images, but she did them herself with the computer printer. A fun purse was also one of Crystal's projects, bright prints were used in a flip and sew technique, with the batting included, so it was a finished fabric when she made the purse. Looks like a fun demo for us to try the pattern.
The other members attending were too busy over the holidays to bring any show and tell, so we hope to see everyone next meeting Tuesday February 12th.