Sunday, April 26, 2015

March Meeting 2015

For the March meeting I have photos but no notes. As all the art pieces in the photos are for our challenges, and will be at the Umpqua Valley Quilters' Guild Show in the beginning of April, I will skip posting them here and wait and post the pics with the show display. Set up is April 9th, the show dates are April 10,11, and 12. In Roseburg, Oregon, right on Interstate 5 at the Douglas Co. Fairgrounds. See you there.

Oops, December Meeting 2014

I knew I was behind, but not this far, some how I skipped the December meeting. Since it has so many wonderful photos, I better do it now. We went directly to Show & Tell so we could get on to the potluck.
Pat W. used her "bright geometric" fabric from our challenge, to make "Flying Carpet." The top layer of carpet is lifted off the background canvas.
Sylvia made this gorgeous jacket, with lots of stitching on the holly berry fabric, when someone saw her wear it they asked "How long did it take to make?" and she replied, 3 months, the lady snidely said "A little anal aren't we?" Sylvia has also been journaling and has found it a wonderful way to express herself and her art.
Sue has been making Christmas gifts for her granddaughters and grandson. These brightly colored "Potato Chip Bags" are for holding snacks taken to school.
When Corienne was at the Portland Hand Weaver's Guild Sale, she bought these cards. They are made from plant materials clamped with paper and boiled, then a little rust is added. So the color on the cards is derived from the plants themselves. They have a very interesting pattern.
Clare has made a delightful tassel for our "Free Floating Flabergast" challenge. It was the most fun and a sanity saver, as apposed to the usual precise, mathematical designs she usually does. It has multi-color beads and layers of tulle and lace.
Meredith's son Ryan came up with this cast iron contraption at Goodwill, they believe it is an antique "hemmer." Does anyone really know what it is?
Meredith found on Pinterest a section of free form crochet, and had to give it a try. Multiple colors and wavy abstract forms gave it a fun feel. She used it on a fabric base, to make her "Free Floating Flabergast" challenge. Crystal is setting up her new business at Main & Douglas in the old Hons Dry Cleaners building, across from the courthouse. It is called "Create and Sip Studio" she will be giving painting classes for adults and children.
"Stop looking at the ground, watch where you are going" was the advice given to Lorraine as she searched for her natural materials to make her wreath. It has a birds nest, moss, twigs, leaves and oak galls. All the materials have been sealed with a matte spray. She has made it for the Flabergast challenge.
She has also made a patriotic quilt with rows of stars. The Umpqua Quilter's Guild is now associated with the national "Quilts of Valor" organization.
Peggy has been working on her pond setting for her Freddy Frog art piece, for the "Fins, Feathers, Scales and Tails" challenge.
Cheryl has had fun needle felting this fantastic "Amazing Discombobulaion" of fibers, for the "Flabergast" challenge.
A closeup of Cheryl's piece, there is a flower lady in there somewhere.
After a wonderful potluck of very delicious things, we all got together for a group photo.