Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Meeting 2014

Old Business The New Quilt/Stitch and Knit Show will be at the Portland Expo Center August 13-15. The Annual Sewing and Quilting Show will be at the Expo Center on September 26-28, anyone planning on going to either show, let me know and we can plan car pooling, this would be great field trip opportunities for us. Our regular meeting will NOT be at the conference rooms in August!! We will be going to Vera's Tuesday and Wednesday, August 12 & 13, for our annual Dyeing Workshop. Vera will send a supply list, she will be teaching us dye resists, as practice for a class she will be giving to Oregon SAQA. We will carpool, bring potluck items for lunch, Amy will be in touch with directions to Vera's and carpool info. Email Amy if you plan on attending. New Business Amy will demo making bias tape for Stained Glass and Celtic quilts at the September meeting.
Show & Tell
Amy brought her Butterflies and birch 3-D project, the tubular sculpture is covered in stitched birch bark from a photo printed on fabric. Then a branch of birch leaves and four swallowtail butterflies are added for embellishment.
At the Bandon Art Retreat, Amy decorated several T-shirts with Jacquard's decoulorant, clocks/gears had copper acrylic paint added to it, the alphabet was mixed with a checkerboard and diamond pattern on another, ginkgo leaves and a vine were two others she did. Kay and her daughter Sherry are both working on a wedding quilt for a relative. Corienne is busy spinning "Ocean Waves" blended wool/silk from the "Wool Factory" in Langlois on the coast. From the Black Sheep Festival she also has a blend of 4 different colors that she is plying. She spun with the weavers guild, for the "Sheep to Shawl" event at the county fair in August. Nancy is rushing to finish a project for the member's show at the Umpqua Valley Arts Center. She is using rusty train brake parts as her base for a textile scultpure. Wish her luck on her six day deadline!
During a house painting project, Vera cleaned up her sewing studio and found an embroidered dish towel, that she has made when she was 10 years old. A prelude to the artist she is today.
While away at a class, Vera's roommate was a crochet fanatic, and she sent Vera two beautiful crochet lace table runners, the one has butterflies at either end. Pat W. is still trying to figure out how to make a textile cube/box and we gave her construction ideas and advice on stabilizers.
Pat G. used a pattern from Modern Quilt Magazine she shrunk the pattern down to fit her Jinny Beyer sample square. She made a wall hanging with high contrast and accent colors, and straight stitched machine quilting.
Lorraine is going on a 7 day Alaskan Quilt Cruise with Pat G. in August. They were each given a challenge fabric to make a quilt block, someone in the quilt classes will win a selection of blocks. The theme is "Into the Wild Blue Yonder" and each of them used as small a piece of the fabric as they could, Lorraine's sailboat has the challenge fabric sails. Peggy shared that Fire Mountain Gems, now has a crafts catalog, as well as their beading catalog, they have Kumihimo cording and tools. She passed around two books on clay work, by quilter Sheryll Kahn.
Cheryl and her husband have been busy doing ice dyeing. She has made him a roundish meditation pillow and a t-shirt, that was the hit of the Black Sheep Festival, he had to stop and explain to everyone how he made it, and she got the time to look at the booths and buy.
Folded fabric ice dying created an interesting pattern, and scrunching created a softer blended look on Cheryl's fabric.
The free motion machine sample made on Landreth's Gammill machine was also treated to some ice dyeing, taking out the "Lime" green and making it a more complex fabric.
Cheryl has been VERY busy this month, also spinning some wool and other fibers, that she got at Black Sheep, and...
... she blended many colors of fibers by carding them into puni's ready for spinning.
Cheryl also brought her finished snap bag and thread catchers that she made at the Bandon Retreat.

Meredith brought some zucchini to share from her bountiful garden, and she has been busy canning.

Demo - Hands On Making embellishments, beads and buttons with clay was our demo fro the meeting. Several books went around to give people ideas, Poly Clay Techniques, by Sue Heaser, Creative Clay Jewelry by Leslie Dierks and Creating with Poly Clay by Steven Ford and Leslie Dierks, also a handout from Amy. Fimo, Sculpy and other bake clay were played with, and Peggy bought a no-bake variety.
We played with a pasta maker to make thin sheets and blend colors, rolling the sheets together, and we used a face mold. More time is needed to play so maybe we'll have a play day with the clay at some one's home.